Don’t Say No For Someone Else

It’s easy to look at a job posting and think we aren’t qualified. It’s natural to want to share something new and think we aren’t worthy. It’s just human nature to look at ourselves and think we aren’t enough But if we don’t believe in ourselves, who will? Go into Continue Reading

“Is This Going To Be On Test?”

You’re asking if you have to do more. It means you’re here just to tell everyone you were here. If you ask “How can I learn/do/give more,” you’re here for a lot more than a certificate of attendance. I think it’s a lot more productive to show up to things Continue Reading

Stop Depriving Others Of Your Best Self

How do we grab someone’s attention? It’s what we want. For people to see us, listen to us, and treat our ideas with respect. So imagine if you’re giving a speech on a topic you’re most passionate about and you notice someone sitting down on their phone. Or, perhaps more Continue Reading

Boredom is Exciting

When people think of difficult challenges, they think of athletic feats or complex mental puzzles. But very few look at something that may be the most challenging of all. Sitting down for a lengthy period of time and doing nothing. There’s a certain frustration that comes with creating something new. Continue Reading

Don’t Count Reps, Make Reps Count

There was an interesting video I watched a while back from professional trainer Jeff Cavaliere. He discusses the limitations in mindset around the common “3 sets of 12” paradigm around workouts. His criticism comes not from the ineffectiveness of the structure, but what it incentivizes us to do. Particularly, our Continue Reading

Quantity Over Quality

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit” Richard Bach One of the most common ailments that affects people is writer’s block. It’s always lurking when you’re about to start writing something new. All of a sudden, you have no idea what to put on paper. And you find Continue Reading

Learning To Not Be Educated

“When it’s work, [people] try to figure out how to do less. When it’s art, they try to figure out how to do more” Seth Godin An interesting study was taken whereby a large group of community college students were taken to be testing on their math skills. The question? Continue Reading