Stop Learning

Practice instead. Learning means being receiving information and keeping it stored as knowledge. It’s a really useful skill to have. Practicing, on the other hand, is finding ways to apply knowledge until you get good at it. It’s very easy to sit back and learn. Play some background music while Continue Reading

Want to Talk To The CEO of Google?

You’re probably thinking it’s not possible. When Tim Ferris challenged a lecture hall of Princeton students to contact the highest profile person they can (George Bush, Bill Gates, etc.) and ask them a question, no one did anything. Even though the prize was a free round-trip ticket to the destination Continue Reading

“Is This Going To Be On Test?”

You’re asking if you have to do more. It means you’re here just to tell everyone you were here. If you ask “How can I learn/do/give more,” you’re here for a lot more than a certificate of attendance. I think it’s a lot more productive to show up to things Continue Reading

Intuition from The Worlds of Our Creation

Imagine I provided the following description of an individual named Linda:   “Linda is thirty-one years old, single, outspoken, and very bright. She majored in philosophy. As a student, she was deeply concerned with issues of discrimination and social justice, and also participated in antinuclear demonstrations.” Now I want to ask Continue Reading

The Story With A Thousand Titles

You already know our world runs through narratives. They form the foundations of what we perceive. And before, I warned you not to let those narratives blind you from understanding the world in its reality. While we should be aware of these dangers, there is something stories offer that we Continue Reading

Practice Does Not Make Perfect

Have you ever walked into a test feeling confident about the material? Or a meeting thinking your presentation is pitch-perfect? You’ve put so much time and effort to hone your skills by practicing. Each time you feel ever more familiar for the upcoming task. And suddenly you find yourself prepared Continue Reading

Let Go Of Your Experience

There were two groups of scientists working on the same task in two separate labs. One set of scientists had vague credentials. A couple physicists, chemists, and biologists grouped up together. The other set were scientists that were experts in their field in E. Coli. And both were experimenting with Continue Reading

Learning To Not Be Educated

“When it’s work, [people] try to figure out how to do less. When it’s art, they try to figure out how to do more” Seth Godin An interesting study was taken whereby a large group of community college students were taken to be testing on their math skills. The question? Continue Reading