Organize By Essence

There’s so much to do each day. And often it feels like so little time to do it. But the truth is, there is a lot of time. 24 hours can be utilized extremely well, even considering 8 hours of sleep, 2 hours of eating, 1 hour of exercise, etc. Continue Reading

Don’t Wash Your Hands?

Washing your hands more than twenty times a day makes you 2.8 times more likely to contract dermatitis. Sounds crazy right? Well, maybe we don’t wash our hands twenty times a day. Btu shouldn’t it be even safer? Sanitation is really, really effective at cleaning and avoiding disease. But have Continue Reading

Put In The Reps

A photography professor at the University of Florida had his class split up into two groups. One group was told that their grade was determined by the quantity of photos they’ve taken. That is, the more photos they take, the better their score. The other group was told that they Continue Reading

It’s Your Dream, Define It

One of the reasons I asked you to think about your time dials a few days ago is because it’s actually quite difficult for us to think about what we are actually striving towards and using that as inspiration for our actions. There’s certain areas we want to cover like Continue Reading

The Journey Ends With Its Beginning

I recently stumbled upon a video by the Youtuber Matt D’Avella where he discussed himself stumbling upon a saying by Alan Watts. In it, Watts describes how the movement of things often happen in the reverse of what we would like. We want to walk on water, but we sink. Continue Reading

Cheat Days Are Fine. Cheat Moments Destroy Us.

How can a day of wasting time, skipping healthy habits, and being unproductive be better than just doing it for a quick second? Because at least it’s scheduled. You know what you’re doing. And you do it for the day. The moment is nonexistent yet everlasting. To divulge attention to Continue Reading

Just One More Thing To Check

Maybe I should send this e-mail too while I’m at it. Oh, someone just messaged me. Let me reply. Hm, I think I need to check up on my post online. Oh look at what this person put on their feed. It’s hilarious. I’m going to comment something. This seems Continue Reading

What Promises Are You Making?

“The thing that makes someone swipe right on you on Tinder may not be what you want to be in the long run” Seth Godin I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where we tell ourselves we “need” to do this to get what we want. It could be Continue Reading

“Is This Going To Be On Test?”

You’re asking if you have to do more. It means you’re here just to tell everyone you were here. If you ask “How can I learn/do/give more,” you’re here for a lot more than a certificate of attendance. I think it’s a lot more productive to show up to things Continue Reading

You’ve Pushed The Rock Up The Mountain

Congrats. Now what? Maybe you can find another rock. You can find another mountain. Maybe you can find a way to do it faster, to do it better. But a better question is to look at that rock and ask, “What was it for?” Most people are pushing rocks up Continue Reading