Existential Troubles

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened” Mark Twain Certainly feels like they have though right? I’ve never stopped and thought about how many troubles I’ve actually had in the past. It just seems like they’ve been a part Continue Reading

Choosing Our Experience

Imagine I decided a particular event was disdainful. Not just that it may cause me some pain or a distressed emotional state. But that I really don’t like when it happens. Now whenever this event occurs, I find myself in a great deal of misery. Even just the potential of Continue Reading

The Information Dilemma

I remember taking a test to fill out all the capitals of the U.S. You probably had to do that a while ago too. But to be quite honest, I must have done something wrong, because I forgot. And now when I’m in a situation where I need to know Continue Reading

Organizing By Essence

It’s always surprising to me how easy it is to lose perspective when it seems like there’s a hurricane of work around me. It could be a lot of homework. It could be a project. It could even be other people. And during those times I tell myself it’s ok Continue Reading

Turning Our Mood From Weather To Climate

Knowing the weather is an important part of our day. It may be cold. It may be humid. It may be dry. We are constantly aware of the seasonal shifts as they come because we have to immediately respond to them.  But very little time is spent thinking of the Continue Reading

Why Living With Intention Matters

Have you ever decided to open up YouTube or Instagram for a quick check-up only to sink in much more time than you wish you had? Or maybe you spent an hour in the gym and didn’t feel like you’ve made any progress? Was it just improper planning? Maybe we Continue Reading

Your Vulnerability Is The Permission For Your Joy

“When we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, joy becomes foreboding” Dr. Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability Sometimes it can be really hard to be happy. That may not surprise you. But what I mean is that even in a happy setting, we don’t feel as joyous as we could. Continue Reading

How to Build A CEO-Level Evening Routine

Now this is interesting. You’re probably thinking “An evening routine? That’s not important. Where can I build that early 3AM morning routine to crush the competition?”  The hot topic of productivity is usually solid morning routines for our day. Of course, it is an essential part of the day, and Continue Reading