Stop Learning


Stop Learning

Practice instead.

Learning means being receiving information and keeping it stored as knowledge. It’s a really useful skill to have.

Practicing, on the other hand, is finding ways to apply knowledge until you get good at it.

It’s very easy to sit back and learn. Play some background music while doing homework. Listen to a lecture while scrolling through FaceBook or our phones. It’s a lot easier to tune out than we think. Because learning can sometimes feel like a passive state, even if important.

But knowledge is meant to be used. To build a project based on a new programming tool you learned. To watch and listen to content in a different language from your own and deciphering it. Even testing yourself beyond the test.

It’s great to read and watch all the content you need to learn something. But what are you doing with it?

It’s these things that lead to an active implementation of knowledge through practice (and often better end results).

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