About Pardhu Konakanchi

My name is Pardhu Konakanchi. I’m currently studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley. But I’m also an avid reader and love to discuss new ideas about philosophy, psychology, productivity and well-being.

Earlier this year I picked up the challenge of reading a book a week. I can now say that I feel it is an essential and enhancing part of my life. Most of all, I’ve felt that while each book had its key lessons, there were broad connections to draw that built useful perspectives to experience life with.

I want to write articles because I believe that there is a difference between being educated and actually learning. Being educated means you’re told what to do and know. Learning is proactively exploring new concepts and testing new ideas. I’ve found the learning experience thrilling. And I feel the lessons I’ve applied have been tremendously useful in pursuing my goals and can only imagine what it would be like should everyone have this information.

I’m certainly no expert relative to the actual authors of my readings. But with these articles, I plan to distill and share what’s worked and what hasn’t from my learning and experiment even more with interesting ideas. My current schedule is to post twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays so there is constant content that can perhaps change some perspectives, thoughts, or actions.

I imagine it is possible for the majority of people to get excited and look forward to learning and challenging themselves for change. As I share my progress, I hope I can impart some of the lessons and enthusiasm I’ve gained from the process and perhaps help you fulfill a bit more of what you’re capable of.

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