Month: January 2020


Curious or Angry?

Catherine Hoke says that “You can’t be curious and angry at the same time”. So you have to choose. When the misfortune of losing something stumbles upon you, will you be angry at fate, or be curious how it happened? When inconvenience like traffic is troubling you, are you angry at those around you, or […]


Better or Worse?

Have you ever spent a long time not having written anything with a pen or pencil? It feels strange getting used to writing again. Almost like it’s a completely novel experience. We usually view the world as a static background to which living beings apply dynamic change. Nature is like the board game in which […]


Boredom is Exciting

When people think of difficult challenges, they think of athletic feats or complex mental puzzles. But very few look at something that may be the most challenging of all. Sitting down for a lengthy period of time and doing nothing. There’s a certain frustration that comes with creating something new. It’s the writer’s block that […]


Consistency Is King

“How long does it take to form a habit?” We usually believe in 21 days required to make a lifestyle change. But perhaps it’s better to ask what the question even means. What’s the difference between going to the gym for 5 days versus 21 days? What happens when we cross that threshold of forming […]


Internally Moving

So it’s been 21 days. Have you kept your resolution? If so, congratulations! By conventional wisdom you’ve formed a new habit. Well, maybe. What does it really mean to form a habit? I’ll speak to that crowd soon. But first I want to speak to the likely bigger crowd. The one that didn’t make it […]

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