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Don’t Wash Your Hands?

Washing your hands more than twenty times a day makes you 2.8 times more likely to contract dermatitis. Sounds crazy right? Well, maybe we don’t wash our hands twenty times a day. Btu shouldn’t it be even safer? Sanitation is really, really effective at cleaning and avoiding disease. But have you ever noticed that most […]


“Is This Going To Be On Test?”

You’re asking if you have to do more. It means you’re here just to tell everyone you were here. If you ask “How can I learn/do/give more,” you’re here for a lot more than a certificate of attendance. I think it’s a lot more productive to show up to things that spark the second question […]


You’ve Pushed The Rock Up The Mountain

Congrats. Now what? Maybe you can find another rock. You can find another mountain. Maybe you can find a way to do it faster, to do it better. But a better question is to look at that rock and ask, “What was it for?” Most people are pushing rocks up a mountain because everyone else […]


The Story With A Thousand Titles

You already know our world runs through narratives. They form the foundations of what we perceive. And before, I warned you not to let those narratives blind you from understanding the world in its reality. While we should be aware of these dangers, there is something stories offer that we should never take for granted. […]


Your Values Determine Your Sight

“You see what you aim, and you aim at what you value” Jordan B. Peterson One of the most talked-about studies is the Gorilla Experiment. In it, participants are shown a video of two teams divided by black and white shirts playing a game with a ball. They are asked to count how many times […]

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