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You’ve Pushed The Rock Up The Mountain

Congrats. Now what? Maybe you can find another rock. You can find another mountain. Maybe you can find a way to do it faster, to do it better. But a better question is to look at that rock and ask, “What was it for?” Most people are pushing rocks up a mountain because everyone else […]


Intuition from The Worlds of Our Creation

Imagine I provided the following description of an individual named Linda:   “Linda is thirty-one years old, single, outspoken, and very bright. She majored in philosophy. As a student, she was deeply concerned with issues of discrimination and social justice, and also participated in antinuclear demonstrations.” Now I want to ask you which of the following […]


Accountability over Achievement

I’m starting this article having traveled much of the day with little time to research and write to a deep topic. I’m also hoping to go to bed in the next hour to not miss too much of my sleep. I could just post this tomorrow and skip the article altogether, but here I am. […]

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