Month: September 2019


Why Living With Intention Matters

Have you ever decided to open up YouTube or Instagram for a quick check-up only to sink in much more time than you wish you had? Or maybe you spent an hour in the gym and didn’t feel like you’ve made any progress? Was it just improper planning? Maybe we need to have a better […]


Bio-Hacking Our Happiness And Joy

Most of us want to strive for a sense of long-lasting happiness. One that feels deep and doesn’t fade easily. We have some intuitive sense of what we perhaps consider better indicators of joy.  than others. But how do we know whether we are creating the types of happiness that we want to have in […]


Your Vulnerability Is The Permission For Your Joy

“When we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, joy becomes foreboding” Dr. Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability Sometimes it can be really hard to be happy. That may not surprise you. But what I mean is that even in a happy setting, we don’t feel as joyous as we could. We can easily hold ourselves […]


You Need To Make Your Habit YOUR Habits.

One ritual that I started a year ago was waking up at 5 AM every morning. Doing so gave me a tremendous amount of time to meditate, workout, eat, and get ready. And all without having to stress over getting somewhere in a rush. And to be fair, I simply switched my wake up time […]


The Warranty We’ll Never Get On Our Phones

One of the biggest devices to get excited about is a new phone. New models have a giddy appeal. We get excited about all the new features we have access to. Some people take the time to research safety though. What if their phone breaks? What if it gets stolen? We start to look in […]


How to Build A CEO-Level Evening Routine

Now this is interesting. You’re probably thinking “An evening routine? That’s not important. Where can I build that early 3AM morning routine to crush the competition?”  The hot topic of productivity is usually solid morning routines for our day. Of course, it is an essential part of the day, and one I talked about building […]

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