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Organize By Essence

There’s so much to do each day. And often it feels like so little time to do it. But the truth is, there is a lot of time. 24 hours can be utilized extremely well, even considering 8 hours of sleep, 2 hours of eating, 1 hour of exercise, etc. Oftentimes the issue isn’t that […]


Why I Love Whiteboards

I love whiteboards. For some reason, I always feel like I’m tapping into creative juices whenever I’m using them. And I just don’t get the same feeling when I’m working out problems on pen and paper. But this goes beyond the feeling. Whiteboards are magical for one reason: They can erase easily. If we are […]


Actions Speak Louder Than Complaints

“We need to take out the trash.” “Can someone do the laundry?” “Somebody needs to get a floor broom soon.” These are the types of statements that can come when living with others in a home. But have they ever lead to anything meaningful? Oftentimes it is simply a shared proclamation that leads to little […]


Seize The Moment, Or Maybe Find A New One

It’s simple to formulate one future. One path. One outcome you want to see come to fruition. And we start running in that direction. Because this is what will help accomplish our goals and achieve success. And what happens when that opportunity doesn’t open up for us? When someone or something has selected against us. […]


Choose Your Battles

Because unfortunately, there’s a cost to everything. Whether you decide to eat healthy or not. Be unproductive or not. Focus on this path instead of another. There’s something you’re sacrificing. That’s just the natural state of things. Sometimes the choice can be to give up something for the pursuit of something else. Kind of like […]

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