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Organize By Essence

There’s so much to do each day. And often it feels like so little time to do it. But the truth is, there is a lot of time. 24 hours can be utilized extremely well, even considering 8 hours of sleep, 2 hours of eating, 1 hour of exercise, etc. Oftentimes the issue isn’t that […]


Just One More Thing To Check

Maybe I should send this e-mail too while I’m at it. Oh, someone just messaged me. Let me reply. Hm, I think I need to check up on my post online. Oh look at what this person put on their feed. It’s hilarious. I’m going to comment something. This seems like an interesting video. Let […]


The Story With A Thousand Titles

You already know our world runs through narratives. They form the foundations of what we perceive. And before, I warned you not to let those narratives blind you from understanding the world in its reality. While we should be aware of these dangers, there is something stories offer that we should never take for granted. […]


The One Principle Keeping Us From Our Habits… And How to Fix It

How many times have you been enthusiastic to start something new? Pick up a new hobby, design a new project, start a new diet/workout routine? And how much of those things did you see to completion? Chances are, not that many. But that’s ok, the conversion rate on my enthusiasm is next to little as […]

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