A Professional Or An Artist?


A Professional Or An Artist?

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”

Pablo Picasso

Picasso actually had a brother. He was an artist too. A great one actually. His name was Pawblo Picasso. But not many people have heard about him and his art.

Why? Because he painted exactly like his teacher taught him.

Pablo Picasso, on the other hand, redefined art by spurring the new movement of Modernism. I’m pretty sure that’s who you thought I was referring to when I said Picasso.

We have a choice to go farther than our predecessors, or take the road uncharted with our experience.

Ronaldo is a professional soccer player (my favorite growing up). He’s worked to achieve the utmost max in atheletism and ability, perhaps more than anyone else ever.

But the way Messi plays and dribbles is simply, mesmerizing. It’s clear he’s not just good at his game, but he sees a different type of game altogether.

Both paths can take us to great places. But just learning the rules and staying comfortable as a “professional” doesn’t take us anywhere.

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