You’ve Pushed The Rock Up The Mountain


You’ve Pushed The Rock Up The Mountain

Congrats. Now what?

Maybe you can find another rock. You can find another mountain. Maybe you can find a way to do it faster, to do it better.

But a better question is to look at that rock and ask, “What was it for?”

Most people are pushing rocks up a mountain because everyone else is doing it. Everyone else is working so hard to achieve certain things, it just feels out of place not to work for the same goals. Whether it be academic success, financial success, career success.

We fault ourselves for not achieving them and working hard enough. And when we do achieve it, we’re forced to find the next thing. But hey, It sure does feel great when everyone is congratulating us for pushing that rock up.

Very little attention is payed to why we do it though. Or, more importantly, why it mattered.

Don’t think that because other people are pushing rocks up a mountain, you have to do the same. You’re not Sisyphus. You have a choice.

The question is what are you going to choose. What change it will make. And if that choice will be generous enough to help others as well.

You’re capable of much more than push rocks up a mountain endlessly for the sake of achievement and congratulations.

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