The Right Questions at The Right Time


The Right Questions at The Right Time

Usually the question comes only when it’s needed.

But perhaps the right time is before the question is necessary.

Of course, you can’t always expect to have the answer to “What should we do if we have to quarantine ourselves and learn/work from home for months?” It’s unlikely you’ll think through everything.

But what happens Juan Enriquez talks about the possibilities of choosing future generational genes and even deextincting other hominim species like the Neanderthals soon? What rights should they get as a different but similar species to us? What happens as AI keeps advancing to take over some of the most common jobs like truck driving?

It may not happen soon. But does that mean we should wait until after the fact to ask the questions? Perhaps, knowing what we know, it’s worth asking the question now, even if it doesn’t necessarily lead to an answer.

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