Your Values Determine Your Sight

“You see what you aim, and you aim at what you value” Jordan B. Peterson One of the most talked-about studies is the Gorilla Experiment. In it, participants are shown a video of two teams divided by black and white shirts playing a game with a ball. They are asked Continue Reading

Don’t Count Reps, Make Reps Count

There was an interesting video I watched a while back from professional trainer Jeff Cavaliere. He discusses the limitations in mindset around the common “3 sets of 12” paradigm around workouts. His criticism comes not from the ineffectiveness of the structure, but what it incentivizes us to do. Particularly, our Continue Reading

Prioritize The Now and Execute

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a Navy SEAL operating on a mission on the other side of the world.  The team you’re leading is tasked with scouting the upper levels of an abandoned building to destroy the building. That way it would not serve as a tactical point Continue Reading

You Might Be Playing The Wrong Game

When people ask me about my greatest achievement, I don’t hesitate to answer: my junior year of high school during the State Academic Decathlon competition where I beat my friend and became the highest scorer on my team. The story people assume I’m about to say goes along this line: Continue Reading

Practice Does Not Make Perfect

Have you ever walked into a test feeling confident about the material? Or a meeting thinking your presentation is pitch-perfect? You’ve put so much time and effort to hone your skills by practicing. Each time you feel ever more familiar for the upcoming task. And suddenly you find yourself prepared Continue Reading

Breaking In The Habit

Habits are a tricky thing to build. And one can find it difficult to incorporate lifestyle changes they want to make in that complexity. Take, for example, the effort that goes into working out daily. One needs to find the time and motivation to travel to a gym, learn and Continue Reading

Organizing By Essence

It’s always surprising to me how easy it is to lose perspective when it seems like there’s a hurricane of work around me. It could be a lot of homework. It could be a project. It could even be other people. And during those times I tell myself it’s ok Continue Reading